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Why the Intellivision Amico will be a success

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The Amico is Real and its goals are commendable

In the shadow of next-gen consoles, the Intellivision Amico is attempting and may succeed in recapturing some of the Wii's magic. The next couple years may hold some of the biggest shake-ups for gaming in years. Not only are next-gen consoles on the horizon, but several new competitors like Goog…

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Intellivision Entertainment prepares for its rebirth in 2020

Intellivision Entertainment is winding up for a big launch of its retro video game console on 10-10-20. That number is a little piece of flair that Tommy Tallarico, CEO of the reborn Intellivision Entertainment, is adding to his master plan.

Tallarico grew up with the joy of playing the Intel…

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VentureBeat interview of Tommy Tallarico at E3 2019

Amico console colors revealed at E3 2019

Intellivision is releasing a new gaming console called the Amico. This gaming console is launching in October 2020 and one of the coolest things is the number of colors it will be available in. You can get the Amico in 5 different colors including Metallic Pearl, Obsidian Black, Vintage Woodgrai…

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What is an Intellivision Amico? The Amico is a new home video game console releasing on 10/10/2020. The Amico will have new and retro games for your whole family!

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